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The Way to think about Progress

What separates golf from the vast majority of Sports I have played is the tremendously high difficulty level. A single mistake, like driving the ball out of bounds,  can lead to a spoilt nine holes or the complete destruction of confidence in your game. This problem is exaggerated by the modern demand for results ASAP, which often leads to discouragement on the golf course when you begin to expect results without having laid the foundations for your game to come into fruition.  So what am I saying exactly? My message is very simple. Be patient with your golf game and don’t punish yourself too badly when you hit a bad shot or play a poor round. The images below demonstrate what it means to build something. They completely contradict the give it to me now attitude of contemporary society which can lead to excessively high expectations that fail to correspond to reality. Anything of value takes time to build, each investment you make into your game will pay off. Just give it time to come together.

It Starts with an idea:

It begins in the mind

It begins in the mind

After careful planning construction begins:

The construction Process

Work in Progress

Finally, after years of planning and building you are astounded by the level of your achievement and the solidity of your project/game.

Finally all that hard work pays off

Finally all that hard work pays off

If you constanlty revert back to the fundamentals of golf, constantly review your plan and decide which areas of your game need the most work, you will be amazed by how much your game will improve.

PS-Don’t forget the upkeep. Every buildings requires continual maintenance to ensure that it is safe and functional, so does your game and your swing.

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