Feedback and Correction

It was Albert Einstein who mused that attempting the same thing over and over whilst expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. This statement does not hold true to golf however, for the simple reason that it is extremely difficult to produce the same result consistently. That’s what makes golf such an amazing game, it defies logic.

Einstein and Golf

However that doesn’t mean you can’t get better, and achieve amazing efficiency. I am sure most people are familiar with the feedback and autocorrection of modern aeroplanes, but a reminder wouldn’t hurt.  The simple fact is that aircrafts spend the majority of the flight veering off course and yet they still manage to find the intended airport, 99% of the time. As soon as it is detected that the plane is off course, it simply adjusts accordingly. Soon enough it veers off course again, and whatdaya know, it adjusts again. The same is true of the golf swing. Most of the time, you’ll be slightly off course, or off plane, but the key thing is to simply recognize that you are off course and make the necessary alignment corrections to fix it.  Once you get on the course it’s time to put away the mechanical thoughts and simply focus on the target, given your dominant shot shape or tendency for the day.  So if your dominant tendency is too hit it right, then aim to the left of the target, but make sure that if you end up hitting the ball where you are actually aiming it, it doesn’t end up in danger.  So in the same way that a plane will adjust its direction of travel, you too must adjust your alignment with the target, given the direction that your ball (the aeroplane) is travelling.

Furthermore, in the same way that there is a fundamental line, which the plane must constantly revert back to, there are also fundamental principles involved in the golf swing that you must always revert back to. For Ben Hogan, these fundamentals included the grip, stance, posture, swing plane, and correct hip turn.  By constantly reverting back to the same fundamentals, your swing will become a lot more reliable and consistent. This is not to say that it will become perfect, but you will notice an undeniable improvement in ball striking, distance control, and predicability, which are all crucial to shooting lower scores.

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