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More Hot Golfer Girls

Anna Rawson has been heavily criticized for suggesting that the older generation of Female Golfers look like a bunch of lesbos. I don’t want to advocate her sentiments, but she may have been onto something.  Would you really want to bang Laura Davies with your three wood? I can’t say that I would.  Luckily for the modern golf fan, the new generation of golfer women actually do have some sex appeal. Below are a few more of the best looking golfer girls on the tour today.

Kim Hall being ridiculously good looking

Kim Hall being ridiculously good looking

Anna Rawsom loving the shaft

Anna Rawson loving that shaft

Sandra Gal getting comfortable on the couch

Sandra Gal getting ready for business time

I think everyone can agree that these ladies are lacking the lesbian quality which Anna Rawson pointed out in the older generation.  Kim Hall looks like a proper shmodel in that first photo. Once again, you must be aware that these women can actually play golf, not just good golf, incredibly good golf.  Even so, I wonder who’ll be the first to pose for playboy.


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Justin Timberlake loves his golf

The popularity of golf is growing everyday, especially in the celebrity world. Having played now for several years,  JT (Justin Timberlake) is no exception to this celebrity sports trend. Below is some great footage of JT in the pebble beach pro am.

His swing is actually pretty good. From looking at him play I would estimate his handicap to be somewhere between 10 and a 16 though I could be wrong. At the end of the clip the commentators claim his handicap is 4, but I don’t quite believe that. Regardless, there is something strangely satisfying about celebrities playing  golf. It makes them seem a lot more normal, mainly because golf is just so humbling.

The following footage shows Ellen De Generes and Timberlake messing around on the course, doing the entertainment thing and the golf thing.

It’s obvious that his entertainment value exceed his golfing ability, but still, he clearly loves the game and he can play a massive role in reinventing the image of golf which remains clouded in chauvinism and ridiculous traditions.

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