A few good chipping videos

There are a lot of  ‘golf lessons’ on youtube,  although most of them are not particularly useful.  There are exceptions however.  This post offers a selection of chipping lessons and drills that should help you improve your short game.

Short Chip with a sandwedge:

To provide a quick summary of what he said:

1 Make sure the ball lines up to the back of your stance. This will encourage a downward blow, sending the ball into the air with a good measure of back spin.

2 Keep your stance open. This will clear your hips and allow your shoulders to guide the chip.

3 Maintain a straight wrist, similar to a putting stroke. This will minimize hand action leading to good contact. e.

PS- He forgets to mention that you must keep your hands forward . Notice how he actually moves his hands about two inches forward before he starts the backswing.  This will further encourage a descending blow, and help prevent fat and thin shots by keeping the club face square.

Straight left Wrist Video

The following video is very short, but it really emphasizes the importance of keeping the left wrist straight.

A really good Drill:

This video presents a really good chipping drill. It is very simple, very easy to setup, and it will drastically improve your feel.  I apologize for the advertising but what can you do.

So there you have it. I will continue the search for good quality videos, especially for short game, but I hope this does for now.

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