Don’t let your game get Moldy

One of my worst habits is leaving empty banana peels in my bedroom dustbin. Because I don’t often eat in my room, I seldom have to empty this dustbin. This means that after about three weeks I’m treated to what looks like a massive green spider web erupting from bin, and with the smell to match this splendid  home for excessive mold. Fortunately, it doesn’t have any major consequences. The mold basically stems from an act of neglect on my part. In many ways, leaving your golf game for several weeks at a time will also lead to the production of mass quantities of mold.  Golfing mold feasts off your short game first, then it preys on your drives and then all of a sudden you’re struggling to strike an 8 iron.

Don’t let this happen to you. Take a look at this picture of neglected teeth.

Moldy moldy moldy

Moldy moldy moldy

Do you really want your golf game to demonstrate the effects of neglect?

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