Tiger and Barack, Kings of contemporary America

How is it that two African American men have come to be the most successful people in two of the most traditionally caucasian domains in history? Barack Obama is, dare I say it, the First ‘Black man’ to enter the ‘White House’ as President and Tiger Woods has demolished the assumption that golf is a game only for White dudes. Maybe the question is too broad to answer adequately, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that these two men have become heroes, consummate professionals who inspire millions of people everyday, in every corner of the world.

Barack Obama infront and inside the 'White House'

Barack Obama infront and inside the 'White House'

Has there every been a President so loved and so ridiculously cool. Forget the Beatles, Obama really is more popular than Jesus.

Tiger the Great

Tiger the Great

Watching Tiger Woods play golf is like witnessing the evolution of man. His level of excellence is simply astounding. Let us all be thankful for the privelage of seeing him play and wish that his knee recovers to full health.

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